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Waterfowl Hunting on the Mississippi River

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Waterfowl Hunting on the Mississippi River

Whether you’re an avid waterfowl hunter or looking to learn more about the sport, there’s no better place in the Midwest to duck hunt than the mighty Mississippi River. The nation’s second-longest river that cuts the United States in two is home to extremely diverse biological habitats. In the heart of the Mississippi near La Crosse, Wisconsin, waterfowl can be seen in record numbers. However, unlike other lakes and rivers, the Mississippi is home to several species of ducks—including the elusive canvasback.

What to Expect When Hunting the Mississippi

If you’ve never hunted on the Mississippi River before, the best way to hunt is with a guide. A duck hunting guide will ensure that your hunting trip is successful, comfortable, and memorable. Jake Kaprelian, who has been duck hunting on the Mississippi River for over a dozen years, has the experience to help you navigate the river and bag all of the species of waterfowl on your list.

A duck hunt on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin won’t be your average hunt. This beautiful area is home to many different ducks, and each fall, you’ll be able to go hunting and potentially limit out on waterfowl. On a good day, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot seven or eight different species of duck, including blue-billed ducks, buffleheads, American wigeons, gadwall, goldeneyes, ring-necks, mallards, and canvasbacks. If you’re seeking the North American Waterfowl Grand Slam, you can complete almost a quarter of the challenge during your hunt near the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge.

Ducks of the Mississippi

The Mississippi River in Wisconsin is one of the only places in the Midwest that you can hunt for waterfowl and see seven or eight different species of ducks in one day. Many of the spots on this river are learned through years of experience and seeing how the birds fly, the different ways that the weather affects them, and knowing where to get away from the hunters in the area.

If you’re going for the North American Waterfowl Grand Slam, you’ll likely need to check out this area in order to complete the challenge. The elusive canvasback duck is common around the Mississippi River in Wisconsin. If that bird is flying, along with the several other species in the area, a good duck hunting guide will know how to find them and get them in the boat for you.

Getting Your Mississippi Hunt Started

This fall, bring your party to the Mississippi River in La Crosse, Wisconsin, for a hunt that will give you more than just birds. Pool eight and pool nine of the Mississippi River are home to several hundred thousand birds each year, and you could see thousands of birds on any given day. If you take your trip with Epic Guide Services, you’ll be hunting out of 22-foot fully enclosed hard-sided boats, complete with heaters to keep you comfortable and out of the elements. Bring your own guns—and dog, if desired—and make the most of your fall duck hunt.

Ready to shoot canvasback ducks, goldeneyes, mallards, and more in Wisconsin? Contact Epic Guide Services today! Although the waterfowl harvest can never be fully guaranteed, an experienced guide can greatly increase your chances of a successful hunt, especially if you’re hunting for multiple species of ducks. Give us a call, take a short trip over to Wisconsin, and complete that North American Waterfowl Grand Slam.

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