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Arkansas/Mississippi Spring Snow Goose Hunting

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Snowgoose Hunting

Snowgoose Hunting


Epic Guide Service offers fully guided spring Snowgoose sun Arkansas/Mississippi. The spring snow goose migration is unlike anything most hunters have ever experienced in their waterfowl careers. Every year these arctic birds fly along narrow flight paths through the heart of the midwest and southern US back to their nesting grounds every spring. The spring snow goose season is a no-limit hunt, meaning you can take down as many birds as you can every day. If you enjoy hunting waterfowl, you will love the spring snow goose season. Fast paced feed hunts are what spring Snowgoose hunting is all about in the south.

Snowgoose Knowledge & Connections

We have the knowledge and connections necessary to put you in the middle of the action. We will wake up hours before a typical day of hunting to set a new decoy spread and make sure everything is prepared for the day. Our evenings are spent scouting the fields to find the best hunting locations possible.

We use electronic calls, extensive decoy spreads and unplugged guns to track down as many of these geese as possible. Both full-body spreads and sock spreads are used to decoy these birds into shooting range.

Our Customers

Customers will be responsible for finding their own lodging, and our locations are migration dependent. Jake will be helping you find lodging and get that set up. Customers are also responsible for bringing their own guns and non toxic ammo, and the necessary hunting permits are required. Magazine tube extensions are highly recommended, but not required. We also ask clients to bring a white outer layer of clothing to wear over their camo.

Out of state licenses usually cost between $25 to $60. Jake will answer any questions about lodging and license information, depending on the state you will be hunting. A link for licenses will be sent in your booking conformation via e mail.

A minimum three days of hunting is recommended due to weather factors. These are 1/2 day hunting trips, usually going from a half hour before sunrise to noon. The hunt length is based upon bird activity, if the geese are still flying we will keep hunting.

Snowgoose Hunts

All hunts are feed style hunts. We set a spread every morning, hunt it, pull it, then continue scouting for the next day hunt. Scouters will be out every morning also after decoy setup to get an advantage for the next day. One case of 3” #2/4 shot nontoxic shot is recommended for the 3 day hunt.

What We Provide

  • Decoy spreads
  • Electronic calls
  • ATV transportation to blind and back
  • Hunting location

What to Bring

  • Gun and non-toxic ammo
  • Any necessary hunting permits (ask Jake depending on state)
  • Proper attire for spring hunting
  • Customers are responsible for finding lodging

Snow Goose Hunting Rates & Prices

  • $300 per person per day. Ask about our active military discount!

Disclaimer: A 50% deposit is required upon booking to hold your trip. If you do not show up you will forfeit your deposit. 3.5% will be added for credit card transactions.

Snow Goose Hunting Season

The spring snow goose season takes place in February, March, and April.   Call Jake Kaprelian at 414-484-7768 or fill out our contact form below for more information or to schedule your chance at one of the most unique bird hunts in the United States.

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Our Equipment

We Use Top-of-the-Line Fishing Reels & Rods and Fishing Equipment