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Canvasbacks and Other Trophy Birds on the Mississippi

Hunting - Canvas Backs

Canvasbacks and Other Trophy Birds on the Mississippi

Hunting the Mississippi River for canvasbacks and other trophy birds is exhilarating—not only because of the beauty that the area is known for, but because there are many birds there—and when we say birds, we mean a lot of birdsHundreds of thousands of ducks make the Mississippi River their home each year, and on any given day, you can see thousands of ducks when you’re on a Mississippi River duck hunt in Wisconsin. If you’re visiting the La Crosse, Wisconsin, area to hunt for waterfowl, be aware of the many different birds that you’re about to see along the Mississippi, including canvasbacks, buffleheads, gadwalls, and many others.

Trophy Duck Hunting in Wisconsin

Whether you want to eat your duck, mount your duck, or cross your duck off of the North American Waterfowl Grand Slam challenge, the waters of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin are waiting for you. Many hunters participate in the North American Waterfowl Grand Slam, which makes the Mississippi River a great place to cross off nearly a quarter of the birds in the challenge. Near La Crosse, Wisconsin, you will see several different species of waterfowl on your duck hunt. These birds include:

  • American wigeons
  • Blue-billed ducks
  • Bufflehead ducks
  • Canvasback ducks
  • Gadwall ducks
  • Goldeneye ducks
  • Mallards
  • Ring-necked ducks
  • And maybe a surprise or two!

The Wisconsin portion of the Mississippi River is home to many bucket list birds—especially the canvasback. Nearly 75 percent of the world’s canvasback ducks may be using the Mississippi River Wildlife Refuge during peak migration season—the exact location where Epic Guide Services conducts guided hunts. Not only does the area have a substantial canvasback population, but 40 percent of the entire North American duck population uses the Mississippi flyway during fall migration.

When to Hunt the Mississippi

The best time to duck hunt on the Mississippi River near La Crosse, Wisconsin, is during peak migration season. Many of the ducks hunted during this time of the year are trophies. Peak migration for ducks in Wisconsin typically takes place from the beginning of November into December, and peak migration for canvasbacks, the most coveted bird hunted on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin, is almost always through the Mississippi flyway during this time.

Choosing a Guide for Your Hunt

If you have specific birds in mind during your Mississippi River duck hunt, it’s important to hunt with an experienced guide who can help you find the birds you’re looking for. Epic Guide Services offers a number of unique amenities that will make your hunt a memorable one. These amenities include a 22-foot fully enclosed hunting boat equipped with heaters, large spreads of magnum decoys, excellent duck calling, all the latest USCG required safety equipment, hot breakfast on the boat, and a knowledgeable guide who knows the river inside and out.

If you have a gun and ammunition, the means to acquire a Wisconsin hunting license, and a desire to shoot several species of ducks on a guided Wisconsin hunting trip, reach out to Jake Kaprelian, an excellent guide for Epic Guide Services, if you’d like to learn more about hunting for many trophy ducks on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin please fill out the form below.

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