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Green Bay Fishing Calendar

When do the fish come out? When’s the best time to find musky? Walleye? There’s no single answer for any of this.

But we know that you have a busy schedule. You’ve got plans. You’ve got a life. You want to fit your adventure with Epic Guide Service into that busy life, and we’re eager to please. That’s why we’ve put together this basic Green Bay Fishing Calendar to give you a sense of what to expect out of your fishing adventure as you go through the year.

Green Bay Walleye Fishing Season

It’s actually a bit of a “misnomer” to say there’s any one individual walleye fishing season in Green Bay. There are, in fact, a number of different points in the year when you’ll want to pay attention to what’s going on in the world of walleyes, including:

  • Pre-spawn season: March to April. This is when you’ll find the fish in the shallow bays and rivers. It’s a great time to also catch the largest walleye of your life!
  • Post-spawn season: April to May. The walleyes are done spawning—and now they’re hungry! The fish put the feed bag on as they had back to the bay. This is a great time to catch plenty of fish as well as that signature “trophy fish.”
  • Early summer bite: May-June. The fish are now “schooled up,” and moving to shallow rock and sand structures. This is when you can catch limits of good “eater-sized” fish to bring home.
  • Mud bite: This period lasts in the middle of summer, marked by plenty of numbers of both big and eater-sized fish.
  • August, known as “Hogust” is a great time to try for your personal best.
  • August-October is generally ideal for versatility, catching both eater sized fish along with the big fish.

Musky Fishing Calendar

What about musky? In Wisconsin, you’ll generally find that the big fish tend to follow the same sort of patterns—after all, we’re all beholden to the harsh winters here, and have to do as much as we can in the warm months. But you can also check out a handy guide to the Wisconsin musky fishing seasons at the Department of Natural Resources if you want more information on the specific dates for catching these fish in Wisconsin, especially as it relates to the specific areas covered by Epic Guide Service.

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